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Refresh dialog jquery ui

refresh. Refreshes the content of a Window from a remote URL or the initially defined content that passing data and non-GET requests cannot be sent to an iframe, as they require a form with a target attribute.. Parameters options Object|String. . Hello, I'm having a problem with a dialog for my shopping cart. Basically I have a dialog open with the data being loaded via AJAX. The cart is being cached. I'm still learning Jquery and Jquery UI so I have another question. I have a form that's opened up inside of a dialog. Once the form is submitted, it calls the jquery Ajax code below. What I want, is after it submits and after it displays the message, I'd like to close the dialog and possibly refresh the page I'm on. Help is much appreciated!

Refresh dialog jquery ui

Hello I use ui-dialog which contained php data List playlist is opened and gives me all PL from my DB, I could create new PL with the button. Refresh parent page when jQuery UI Dialog is closed. Fragend posted over 1 year ago. I used older JQuery. The reload parent page function. So you can either destroy the dialog and recreate it to reload the dialog content: function You can extend the in jQuery like this.]

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Using jQuery UI to Create a Basic Dialog Box

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