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Highlight text speak iphone 5

Mar 12,  · How to use Speak Selection on iPhone and iPad. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad. Now tap on General. Scroll down and towards the bottom, tap on Accessibility. Tap on the Speak Selection option and turn it to On. You can further customize the speed at which your iPhone or iPad reads the text and the dialect it Allyson Kazmucha. May 30,  · The newer versions of iOS include a fantastic text to speech engine that lets you select any text and have it spoken to you. This basically means you can have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch read you the content of any web page, notes, text files, or even eBooks and iBooks. I am doing text to speech on a UITextView by using fliteiphone. While reading the text, I want to automatically highlight the text word by word. How can I synchronize the voice to the text.

Highlight text speak iphone 5

With 'Speak Selection' enabled you can highlight text and have it read aloud when you tap the Fig 5. Fig 5 - Speak Selection – iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS The ability for the iPhone to speak the text that is displayed on the screen can be beneficial for a Step 5: Select the Highlight Content option. Have Your iPhone Highlight And Speak Selected Text Out Loud [iOS . As of today, that includes the just-released iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5.]

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iPhone Text Message Dictation: Easy to Use Voice Texting!

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