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Change sample rate in pro tools 8

Or just try this; close pro tools. Open a program to play music (media player?) and open an MP3 song file. That should be at and would reset the clock on the Realtek. Then relaunch pro tools. If the Realtek isn't set to resample everything to 48 it should be set at now. If you relaunch pt, pt should allow your session to run at Feb 21,  · In Pro Tools then, set the session sample rate to 48 kHz. Import the location audio to the session by using the Import Audio dialog (File > Import > Import Audio or Shift-Command-i) You will be offered to either ‘Add’ or ‘Copy’ the audio; choose ‘Copy’ then tick the ‘Apply SRC’ Mike Watkinson. Apr 02,  · The Pro Tools session was set to 48, and the digimax fs was set to So as long as I keep the digimax FS on, the play back speed is correct, but when I bounce the session down it bounces it down at the session sample rate of 48 which speeds up the session a lot. Is there anyway I can change the sample rate of the session in pro tools to

Change sample rate in pro tools 8

I recorded everything in kHZ, restarted PC, then opened and it was 48kHZ. Really need help with this one. Any help is very much. You set session sample rates and bit depth in the "session parameters" All this is covered in the Pro Tools Reference Guide installed. The choice of sample rate for audio recording can be the result and Pro Tools can also convert sample rates on import.]

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Sample Rate Conversion in Pro Tools

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